GrandeLash MD: Product Review

December 2, 2015

41+S3X559eL._AC_UL320_SR232,320_Okay… So we’ve all seen these products. Some of us have even gone as far as paying ridiculous amounts of money for more expensive versions of lash enhancing serums. But look NO further! This is by far the best addition to my beauty regimen. After applying this to my lash line and brows for about a month, I started to see a huge difference.

I’ve been using GrandeLash MD for about three months now, and OMG! My lashes are incredible. I receive compliments from so many of my friends, who now own this product too. There’s no need to add false lashes anymore- which is great because I hate messing with all of that glue.

Buy yours here on Amazon!

XO, Lauren (H) <3


My own lashes using GrandeMed MD! <3
My own lashes using GrandeMed MD! <3