Happy Valley: Netflix

March 28, 2016





Seriously though, you’re welcome… for introducing you to the best girl power be-a-fricken-badass, show there is 😉 I’ve watched both seasons of the show and it’s great because there are only 6 episodes in each season, so you won’t completely lose your life to catch up. Happy Valley (on NETFLIX) is hands down one of the best show’s I’ve watched (and I watch a ton of TV.. it’s an issue.)

It’s British (+1000000 points already- because accents, duh) and the main character is Catherine Cawood, the ultimate ball busting honey-badger who I need to be my bestie. The show revolves around her life as a cop in West Yorkshire, but there’s a twist- she’s trying to discover the truth behind her daughter’s death.

I’m going to say no more because you guys just seriously need to watch it.

You’re welcome 😉