Hello… it’s me, Lauren

December 1, 2015


Hey there!

I’m so excited to get started on my first ever blog- although I have no idea what I’m doing, ah! This blog is going to be mainly about relationships… (with other lifestyle-y posts intermixed.) Each main post is going to be about a different experience I’ve had in the tumultuous world being a 20-something dater.

From awkward DTRs to the “he’s just not into you’s,” Each post will (hopefully) present a lesson at the end: Something I’ve learned from each of my “suitors” while navigating the unconventional dating land we live in.

Speaking of suitors, has anyone been watching UnReal?! The best. Maybe I’ll also have to blog a bit about my favorite shows since I’m a Netflix binge-aholic… we’ll see!

Anyway… Stay tuned for some advice from the unadvisable.


Lauren (H) <3