Homeland: Season 5

December 2, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 1.13.39 AM

This new season of Homeland has finally won back the special place I had in my heart for my once beloved show. The first three seasons were amazing because I mean…

damian shirtless

Who wouldn’t want to look at for an hour every week?

I wasn’t even into red-heads until watching this show but now I think I could kinda get with that. Anyway, the endearing dynamic between Carrie and Saul has given me something to care about again. And the fact that Saul is in a similar situation to which he once condemned Carrie for adds a new twist. I’m also intrigued, and actually a bit freaked out, by the commonality between events we are seeing now in the media and events that are occurring in the show. I’m curious to see how they’ll wrap this season up.

This seasons Hunk-O-Meter?  5/10.. and that’s only because of this fine specimen:

…why yes, I’ll take one of those please (& thanks.)

But any who… What do you all think so far? 😉