KEEP Collective

December 2, 2015


KEEP products are my most loved lovable! I am currently a KEEP Collective designer, and I love to share my passion for designing jewelry. The great thing about KEEP is that you get to become a designer too, just by purchasing your favorite items. All KEEP keys are interchangeable- meaning, if you buy a key (charm) for a bracelet they will fit on your necklace too! You can design your very own unique jewelry every day to match your outfit or event. <3

With the holidays quickly approaching, KEEP makes a great gift. Once the lucky recipient of your KEEP gift receives (and loves) their piece, you can “keep” building their necklace or bracelet as time goes on. Did your friend or family member recently run a marathon? Buy them the KEEP marathon key! Did they recently find out they are pregnant? Purchase the diaper pin key! Our keys make the perfect little gift for tiny moments in our lives that deserve celebration.

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Here’s how keep works:

First: You choose your “keeper.” A keeper is simply, a necklace, bracelet, or key fob!


Next: You choose the type of keeper you want. Do you want a leather bracelet? A mesh? A bangle?

Or- A multi chain necklace, pendant, or mini pendant?


You can choose the color of your keeper too! We have tons of leather styles, and all metals come in gold, rose gold, or silver!

Finally (and the best part-in my opinion!): Choose your keys! Keys are the type of “charms” you put on your keeper.

Keys come in all forms. There are watches (time keys,) wishing stones, thematic keys, and many more!

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.42.02 AM

TIP: When choosing your keys, start big! I recommend starting with a “Say Something” key, timekey or geo bar in order to anchor your design. Then you can add accent keys on either side of your statement item.

Notice how this designer added accent keys on either side of the timekey? So cute!

Are you ready to start designing your own? Click this link to begin designing your very own KEEP with me!