Love yourself- because YOU ARE A BADASS

December 3, 2015


Okay… So I’ve never been the type to wander the aisles of any self-help section at the bookstore. My independent nature and stubbornness often keep me from admitting I may sometimes enjoy a little help now and again. Well, during a two-hour layover in Vegas. Rather than throw my limited funds away in a Sex & The City slot machine, I decided my time would be better spent in the bookstore. AND, lo and behold: I found the best book ever, You Are a Badass written by Jen Sincero. I was attracted to this book at first because I’m such a badass, of course, and was excited to feel like someone finally understood me ;). JK… but actually no. I was in the process of making a huge life change, and I didn’t know how to stand on my feet and be confident in the decisions I had made (without giving a FACK what others thought.)

Anyway, I read this book in two days. Sincero is honestly hilarious, and I love her candid writing style. It’s like talking to your friend, not, and actually completely different 😉 I started writing quotes down in my journal but quickly realized I was just beginning to transpose the entire book into my Moleskin. So- I figured I’d be better off just reading, and re-reading, this awesome book. I don’t want to give too much away, just listen to me when I say that there’s something in it for everyone. And it really will teach you to find your inner kick-ass, bad-ass self.

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