What’s Your Personality Type? (Actually, for real)

April 5, 2016

Okay we’ve all taken personality tests before… they give you a “type” and immediately you’re like yep that’s me… Even if it’s not completely your personality. You accept the label and move on with your daily life and don’t think much about it again. Until NOW. Holy smokes you guys this personality test is SPOT ON. My friend Cassandra Ferguson and I were being so ridiculous after going out the other night, and she told me to take this personality test- because we always think we’re the same person. Well it turns out- we basically are. Except for one minor difference, we ended up with the same personality. Which is hilarious because we both were cast for The Bachelor, are from the same state (living only a few minutes from each other) and left the same week of The Bachelor… lol

Anyway- this test is super accurate, and gives a bunch of advice on how to improve your life in the specific areas you need help in. Like with RELATIONSHIPS… haha 🙂

I’m an “ENFP- The Campaigner!”

What are you guys??


Comment and discuss below! I’m super curious to see if there are any other ENFP’s out there 🙂