April 5, 2016

You guys are awesome!! I can’t believe I have had so much traffic on my brand new site- AND so many amazing comments on my post. I upgraded my site- so now it should be running more smoothly. So I hate to be the bearer of bad news… I was supposed to post my curling wand tutorial this week.. but- I COMPLETELY lost my voice on Sunday when I was supposed to film it with Cassandra Ferguson (on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor- check out her makeup/jewelry blog/website here: SO… I’m sorry, but look for the post next week.

Also, I just wanted to address the comments that have been made about my “why I left teaching post!” WOW— It seems like SO many of you are in the exact same boat as I was in. I feel for you, I hear you- something should be done about it because teachers are being completely taken advantage of. I have a good feeling many teachers would just teach for free because of the love and dedication each teacher has for their students- and I also have a food feeling most of our communities pick up on that very notion. (Do you remember when Ellen Degeneres paid teachers’ salaries because they kept teaching when their districts ran out of money?) It is so noble and amazing that those teachers continued teaching.. it’s inspiring! But is it really helping?

It seems like it’s kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy… we all hate it, but yet we all take it. And yes there are more and more teachers quitting, and less and less college students going into teaching. But clearly it’s not a drastic enough decline to make anyone do anything about it. In every teacher’s lounge across the country I am sure there are teachers complaining just about every day… but can we really expect our communities to know about these injustices when we only talk about the problems behind closed doors- to other teachers? It’s like we’re supposed to keep it “hush hush” that we’re being treated unfairly because somehow it will make us look like we don’t care about the children.

I remember talking to a parent who had asked what it was really like for teachers in our state, and I remember literally whispering to her about what was going on… Like somehow speaking the complete truth about how teachers were being treated was somehow shameful on MY part- not on the state’s part? WTF!?

But anyway… I swear this blog isn’t meant to be a place for negativity and bashing our education system!! 😉 I have a funny personality test to share with you all soon.. And a new love lesson coming at you ASAP!

XOXO- Happy Tuesday,

Lauren <3